Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel

"I am a strong advocate for the protection of dark skies"


I am Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, father and astrophysicist.

My passion for astronomy began at a very young age, and my vocation for defending the dark sky continues with the different projects that I have led.

My experience in night images has been useful in scientific advice for governments, such as the publication of the Light Pollution Ranking of Spain 2015 that has been used by the Audit of the Court of Accounts of Valencia, the energy statistics in public lighting of Spain was used by the Spanish government to establish new lighting policies in Spain.

I currently maintain a relationship with different ministries such as Chile and the Czech Republic I am an honorary member of the ASAAF UCM and advisor to the sky quality office of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia.

I invite you to know about my work and the progress we are making to protect biodiversity from light pollution.

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Selected TOP100 Altmetric greatest global impact in all scientific disciplines 2018

Selected TOP10 Altmetric greatest world impact in Physical Sciences 2018

International Dark Sky Association prize “Dark Sky Defender” 2014

School Award: Research. Tutor. INTA 2009

Cities at Night Project


Because I believe that we must defend our skies, protect them in order to enjoy them, and raise awareness, especially policy makers, about the importance of this.


Showing with data and research how much damage artificial lighting does. We use the night images taken from the International Space Station.


Cities at Night is a citizen science project that aims to create the first world map with night images. We intend that with this map, researchers, citizens and politicians can make the best decisions in their fields of action, to care for biodiversity, the skies and human beings